Your Chromebook and Android phone are getting a new tight integration – Android Police1 min read

Your shared photos will live in a brand-new bottom section of the Phone Hub, which is accessible in the right of your taskbar as soon as youve connected your phone in your Chromebook settings. Its the place where you can likewise control your phones hotspot and notices and where current Chrome tabs live. From the appearances of it, the center will show you the newest 2 images you took on your phone, though were unsure if this will likewise include screenshots or not. Having those readily available would be a killer function for bloggers like us, but were not precisely a huge demographic. Presently, you need to depend on workarounds like Pushbullet or Clipt to achieve the same, not to point out e-mails or cloud storage.

We dont understand when precisely this new integration will go live, but well make certain to update you on the timeline once we hear anything.
Google is also dealing with providing its Photos service its own area in the Chrome OS Files app, as we covered back in February. This might make the combination in between your phones gallery and your Chromebook even tighter, giving you access to a lot more images.

Chrome OS and Android are becoming progressively linked. You can currently start your phones hotspot through your Chromebook, and there are options for notice mirroring, wise lock, and sharing current Chrome tabs. During I/O, Google has announced yet another piece of the multi-device puzzle: Photo sharing.

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