You can finally ‘inquire to buy’ LG’s rollable TV in the United States – The Verge1 min read

We may never see LGs incredible rollable phone pertained to market, now its mobile phone days are done, however a minimum of the rollable TELEVISION weve been eagerly tracking for many years is finally making it to the United States. You can now “inquire to buy” one at the businesss website, as found by HD Guru (through Engadget).
While the company does not note a rate, we extremely doubt youll snatch one for the $60,000 initially promised; the motorized TV-in-a-box went on sale in South Korea last October for 100 million won, or over $89,000 in todays United States dollars. We likewise wouldnt be shocked if you need to spend for more than simply the TV itself, seeing how we reached the voicemail of a “customized combination professional” when we called the provided number.
While the rollable TV will be quite the discussion piece, you should also understand its a couple years behind the times when it concerns certain specifications and image processing. Then once again, if youre the kind of person who can pay for one, you can most likely retire to the bed room when you long for more power, where your 98-inch 8K set is no doubt ready to welcome you with each of its 33 million pixels.

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