Xiaomi teases over-the-air wireless charging, but it’s not coming to its devices this year – TechCrunch1 min read


Xiaomi, the worlds 3rd largest smartphone maker, today revealed “Mi Air Charge Technology” that it states can provide 5W power to numerous gadgets “within a radius of numerous metres” as the Chinese giant invited customers to a “true cordless charging era.”
The company said it has actually self-developed a separated charging pile that has five stage interference antennas built-in, which can “precisely identify the area of the mobile phone.”
A stage control array made up of 144 antennas sends millimeter-wide waves straight to the phone through beamforming, the company stated, adding that “in the future” the system will also be able to work with wise watches, bracelets, and other wearable gadgets.
A company spokesperson stated Xiaomi, which has formerly presented 80W and 120W wireless charging tech, will not be releasing this new system to customer products this year.

Heres how the company has actually explained the mechanics of its new tech:
On the mobile phone side, Xiaomi has also established a miniaturized antenna selection with integrated “beacon antenna” and “receiving antenna array”. Beacon antenna broadcasts position info with low power intake. The getting antenna range composed of 14 antennas converts the millimeter wave signal released by the charging stack into electrical energy through the rectifier circuit, to turn the sci-fi charging experience into truth.
Currently, Xiaomi remote charging technology can 5-watt remote charging for a single device within a radius of numerous meters. Apart from that, numerous devices can also be charged at the same time (each gadget supports 5 watts), and even physical obstacles do not minimize the charging effectiveness.
News site XDA-Developers reported on Friday that a Motorola executive also showed a model remote charging system that appears to deliver power over the air. When its tech will hit consumer gadgets either, no word on.

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