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The Auto HDR function that Xbox Series X users have actually been delighting in considering that the consoles launch in November is concerning Windows PC video gaming, offering about 1,000 games an increase to high dynamic variety lighting and color.
HDR supplies much deeper contrast, richer color luminance, and a broader variety of colors to an image. You need an HDR-enabled screen to benefit from it, of course. There are natively rendered HDR video games for PC already; Auto HDR upgrades the visuals of video games mastered in basic vibrant range with DirectX 11 or DirectX 12.
Automobile HDR for PC is presently a preview feature readily available in the Windows Insider Program (join the program here if you do not have access). PC gamers with an HDR-equipped screen can access the feature with a toggle in the Windows HD Color Settings page when it rolls out fully.

Microsoft program manager Hannah Fisher keeps in mind in the statement post that an Auto HDR picture isnt as detailed as games with native HDR, but it is a “significantly improved experience over regular SDR,” Fisher writes. This “luminance heatmap” provides a sense of the difference on the other hand and color range amongst SDR, Auto HDR, and native HDR:

Image: Microsoft DirectX Developer Blog

Right now, Auto HDR also has an “just for development and evaluation” feature that will make it possible for a split-screen mode that reveals both original, SDR-rendered content and the Auto HDR picture side by side. Fisher states that technique is “just for advanced users,” however uses instructions in her article for how to make it work.

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