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Whats one method to get a game fixed or improved? Put it on Xbox Game Pass for PC. Fans have actually noticed that the Windows PC ports of Nier: Automata and The Evil Within that Microsoft simply added to its library offer considerable enhancements or fixes that arent present in the Steam versions.
QLOC managed the Game Pass for PC version of Nier: Automata, and on Thursday the studio kept in mind that its a port of the Become as Gods Edition, which introduced on Xbox One in 2018. So, not only does it pack in all of the initial downloadable material, it also includes a borderless video setting that fixes the games resolution (it was janky in the 2017 PC version). ResetEra online forum users have actually found that the game does not appear to have the stutters or crashes that bother Nier: Automatas Steam release, either.
When it comes to The Evil Within, YouTuber Jigzaw_Killer, who speedruns the video game on their channel, found a multitude of changes that make its Xbox Game Pass version “generally a remaster,” they stated. The Evil Within signed up with Game Pass and Game Pass for PC a week ago, after Microsoft sealed the deal to get Bethesda Softworks.
Upgrades to The Evil Withins PC port, per Jigzaw_Killer, include a first-person mode with a field-of-view alternative; medium and low camera-bobbing result options; an infinite ammo mode; icon callouts when gamers are slipping or using the lantern in first-person view; and an enthusiast to endurance that lets players sprint longer. “The game likewise feels less janky and smooth,” Jigzaw_Killer stated.
Nier: Automata was a technical dissatisfaction on PC when it was ported to the platform a month after its debut on PlayStation 4. Square Enix never ever pressed out a patch to repair its many problems, so modders took things into their own hands and created the Fix Automata Resolution tool, via Steam, which enhanced visuals and smashed a lot of bugs.

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