Windows 10X leak reveals another attempt at taking on Chrome OS – Engadget1 min read

Windows 10X was expected to be Microsofts dual-screen OS, powering gadgets from a multitude of major makers. However that plan changed in 2015 when the business revealed it was going to be concentrating on single screen devices. You know, typical laptop computers and tablets. So what is Windows 10X truly going to be now? Apparently, a lot like Microsofts take on Googles Chrome OS, according to Paul Thurott, whos been evaluating a dripped variation of the OS.Early Windows 10X screens show a dramatically structured version of Windows 10, with a simple setup experience, a tidy desktop with focused taskbar icons, and a Start menu that fills the entire screen. Every app runs in full screen, and it looks like if you can only install software from the Microsoft Store. Windows 10X generally looks a lot like the ill-fated Windows 10S. Microsoft ultimately transitioned that into a mode within Windows 10, instead of a standalone OS.

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