Why Does The Flag Keep Getting Bigger? – Jalopnik1 min read


Why did it not need an Italian flags to let you know it was Italian? It could not be more Italian, even though the founder was born in Argentina.Photo: PaganiG/O Media may get a commissionPhoto: PaganiPhoto: PaganiThe initially Pagani I found with an Italian flag on it was the 2009 Zonda Cinque. Theyre right there, on the splendidly fragile side mirrors.Photo: PaganiPhoto: PaganiThe most direct, of course, was the Zonda Tricolore, named both for the flag itself and the Italian version of the Blue Angels, which also goes by the name.Photo: PaganiPhoto: PaganiEven that automobile, named for the flag itself, did not have as huge of a red-white-green scheme as this brand-new Huayra R. Look at this big flag!

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