WhatsApp tried to dunk on Telegram but failed miserably – Android Police1 min read


WhatsApps Twitter account utilized the uncomfortable club lady meme to mention how Telegram users do not understand the service is not end-to-end encrypted by default, which is certainly real. Telegram was unfazed, nevertheless, and responded by mentioning how WhatsApps iCloud and Google Drive backups arent end-to-end encrypted (its in the works). This has actually apparently caused WhatsApp chats to leak in the past

. @WhatsApp Our users know how things work, and have the open source apps to PROVE it. You … talk to the screenshot it states youre lying. pic.twitter.com/aSUotBGWh0
— Telegram Messenger (@telegram) May 15, 2021

Telegram isnt pulling punches either, mercilessly savaging WhatsApp on Twitter (see above image). WhatsApp attempted to fight back but its attempt to dunk on Telegram just backfired.

Telegram likewise seized the day to gloat about how its apps are open-source and assistance reproducible builds. Its been a number of days because Telegrams burn and WhatsApp hasnt responded yet– unsurprising considering that its impossible to refute these facts.
The Facebook-owned business attempted to casually tweet about the execution of the new privacy policy just recently, however you can see from the replies that it didnt go down at all well with Twitter users. An aggressive social networks technique can sometimes work well, but when the Twitterverse frustrating sides versus you, its most likely time to try a various approach.

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