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Victrix, a San Diego-based engineering and design company owned by Performance Designed Products (PDP), has recently released two new pieces of hardware made for Xbox players. The first of which is the Gambit Dual-Core Tournament Controller and the second is the Gambit Wireless Gaming Headset.

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The Dual-Core Tournament Controller brings an unmatched performance experience for Xbox eSports players. The Gambit Dual-Core Controller has the fastest thumbstick, triggers, and buttons on Xbox. One core is dedicated to ultra-fast input processing while the second is focused on crystal clear audio. This translates into less latency and up to 8 times faster input response than competing controllers.

The controller offers modding capabilities that will fit any gamer’s playstyle. It allows the player to transform their controller to fit the game they’re playing and how it’s played. With 14 included swappable components you can completely customize the Victrix Gambit Tournament Controller.

The Victrix Gambit Tournament Controller is also compatible with the Victrix Control app which allows for further customization. This includes button re-mapping, dead zone adjustments, analog stick/trigger calibration, custom audio profiles, diagnostics, and much more. Every one of these functions is available for free in this app.

Meanwhile, the Gambit Gaming Headset is designed to give competitive gamers an advantage. This headset includes a lifetime subscription to Doly Atmos on PC and Xbox Consoles. Additionally, it also includes support for 3D audio on PlayStation 5 and is the first licensed wireless headset designed for the console.

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The headset uses much of the same acoustic design, lightweight components, and comfortable materials as the well-regarded Victrix Pro AF Headset. The Gambit headset can be used wirelessly for up to 40 feet or wired with an included 3.5mm cable that features in-line controls.

Navin Kumar, Chief Marketing Officer at PDP, had the following to say regarding the newly released Victrix hardware:

The Victrix brand is dedicated to giving fans a competitive edge. Our in-house engineering team works side-by-side with esports professionals to create products that gamers will love and want to use competitively since they know they’re getting the best hardware on the market.

We integrated technology from the Victrix Pro line of products into the new Gambit line for premium performance and design that everyday gamers, and professionals, can enjoy at more approachable price points.

The Victrix Dual-Core Tournament Controller and Gambit Gaming Headesdet are currently on sale at Victrix’s website and select gaming retailers. The MSRPs of the items are $99.99 USD and $129.99 USD respectively.

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