Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 Delayed Past 2021, Developers Removed From Project, Preorders Halted – Kotaku2 min read

Screenshot: Bloodlines 2The troubled development of the follow up to Vampire: the Masquerade simply got a lot more distressed, with publishers Paradox revealing tonight that not only will the game not be released in 2021 as originally planned, however that designers Hardsuit Labs have actually also been eliminated from the project.In a statement made as part of Paradoxs newest incomes, the publisher says: We have actually now selected to delay the release of [Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2] even more, and we will not be launching the video game in 2021. We have actually also chosen that Hardsuit Labs will no longer be leading the advancement of Bloodlines 2, and we have begun a collaboration with a new studio partner to finish work on the game. This has actually been a hard choice, but we are persuaded that it is properly forward to do the video game justice.Oh kid. Masquerades follow up has been besieged by issues for years now, from writers and imaginative directors being fired from the task to duplicated (and significant) hold-ups. Still, this is video games, where major speedbumps and hold-ups arent precisely uncommon (look anywhere from Cyberpunk to Halo Infinite to Anthem for instances). G/O Media may get a commissionTo get rid of an entire studio from the video game they made (well, began) is something else, though, and itll be interesting to see simply just how much work this “new studio partner” has actually done by the time this game releases. If it ever releases.A second statement on the games site includes a bit more information, saying “Since we can not at this time interact a new release date, weve also decided to stop accepting pre-orders for the time being.” The website also thanks Hardsuit for their work to date on the video game, including “We d like to take this chance to honor Hardsuit Labs for their efforts and thank them for their hard work on the task. The studio has actually done a tremendous job in laying the foundations for the game and we hope that you, the community, will also value their contribution to Bloodlines 2.”

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