Valheim Player Turns Ocean Into Giant Trampoline – Kotaku1 min read

Can we ever genuinely understand the nature of the sea? Prehistoric creatures prowl in its depths. Its powered by deep space. We still dont understand how eels reproduce. In Valheim, however, its a bit easier: The ocean is a trampoline.On the Valheim subreddit, a player named HotGuuuuu just recently revealed the fruits of several days of labor: A huge, gravity defying ramp that took a ridiculous quantity of time to put together even with the support of cheats. To christen the ramp, HotGuuuuu spawned a boat on top and flew down the side of a mountain.The inevitable outcome of this Godzilla-sized take on a high school physics experiment, obviously, was a collision with the ocean. And undoubtedly, HotGuuuuus seacraft did ultimately make it out to sea– at a number of hundred miles per hour. This caused the boat to bounce numerous feet into the sky, at which point it tumbled end over end till its voyage finally concluded in the branches of a forest.Questions remain about HotGuuuuus findings. Did the boat bounce off the ocean itself, or did it reach the bottom of the shallows so quickly that it just appeared to ping off the surface area of the sea? Where, in the great superhero sandwich of particles and crashes that is the universe, is the trampoline? We might never ever understand. All I can say for particular is that the boat bounced, and thats proof enough for me that the trampoline exists.Recommended StoriesG/O Media might get a commission

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