Unofficial Pixel 6 Pro video hands-on shows off that glossy back glass in all its glory – Android Police

We’ve been (im)patiently waiting to get our hands on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro since the surprise announcement back in August. Outside of a glass-covered display in Google’s NYC store, we haven’t even gotten to see it out in the real world. That’s changing today, as our first real leak showing off an unofficial hands-on with the phone has finally appeared online.

This video comes courtesy of This is Tech Today’s Brandon Lee, showing off a short eight-second clip of someone holding a Pixel 6 Pro in their hand. As mentioned in his tweet, the logo on the phone’s back suggests it’s a pre-production unit. That said, the rest of the device lines up well with the press images we’ve already seen from Google.

Despite the short length of the clip, there’s a lot of information to be gathered here. First and foremost: this is a glossy device, with a bright reflection shining off the phone’s back. We’ll have to wait and see it in person for ourselves to determine exactly how much of a fingerprint magnet it is, but if you were hoping for frosted glass on the Pro model, you won’t find it here.

You can also spot the curved display, exclusive to the larger model, though it’s tough to pinpoint exactly where the pixels end and the glass begins, thanks to the dark mode setup screen. The camera bump is also looking as massive as you might’ve expected, although it manages to integrate well into the body of the device.

Finally, the Pixel 6 Pro’s grey variant is surprisingly light, especially compared to its official renders from Google. Compared to the matte black offered with the Pixel 5, it’s a much brighter shade.

Is this leak enough to tide you over until an official release date announcement? Maybe not, but considering the phone just hit the FCC yesterday, we can’t be too far off. And hey, don’t be surprised if we see some more leaks. This is a Pixel phone, after all.

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