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Guys and gals from Rainbow Six Extraction and Riders Republic doing stuff.

Image: Ubisoft / Kotaku

Ubisoft’s fall just fell down a couple notches. Heavy hitters like Far Cry 6, Rainbow Six Extraction, and Riders Republic seemed primed to carry the company into the holiday season, but now two of those games have been delayed—one out of 2021 entirely.

Ubisoft announced both delays today on its website. Riders Republic, an extreme sports game, moves from September 2 to October 28. Rainbow Six Extraction, a Left 4 Dead-like spinoff of the popular shooter series, slipped and all the way from September 2021 to January 2022.

The company did not offer many details as to why both games will miss their originally projected release dates. For Riders Republic, the development team said the delay will “give us more time to fine tune the experience and give you another chance to jump in before launch and provide feedback.”

Rainbow Six Extraction’s dev team, meanwhile, merely said that it is “embracing the opportunity to take additional time to bring this vision to life in the way it deserves in January 2022.”

Both games featured prominently during Ubisoft’s E3 presentation this year, with Extraction looking especially intriguing thanks to its blend of alien-splattering co-op and, er, grossness. Riders Republic does not have aliens (that we know of), but it does feature co-op and a whole mess of snowboards, bikes, and squirrel suit glider things to ride, presumably through some form of republic. It also takes place in an open world, which can lead to all sorts of wacky glitches if the proper amount of polish is not applied.

Delays are far from the only problem currently plaguing Ubisoft. As Kotaku reported earlier today, the company is currently the target of a complaint filed in French court that accuses it and CEO Yves Guillemot of “institutional harassment.” Perhaps, then, there is no game more emblematic of Ubisoft’s current state than Riders Republic. The company is, after all, in for a bumpy ride.


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