Try Not To Be Jealous, But Japan Is Getting An Exclusive Physical Edition Of Legend Of Mana – Nintendo Life1 min read

Square Enix hasnt offer them much physical love on Switch when it comes to their remasters. Final Fantasy VII/VIII was an exception, but SaGA Frontier and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles are presently digital-only. Unless you plan on importing this new collectors edition, Legend of Mana appears to be going the exact same method.
Announced recently within the Nintendo Direct discussion, Legend of Mana was very first released back in 1999 on PS1, marking the 4th main entry after Trials of Mana. Remastered as part of Manas 30th-anniversary events, Square Enix has likewise validated a collectors edition special to Japan.
Consisting of the game, art book, Lil Catcus plush and a main soundtrack, thats going for ¥ 14,300. Currently, its also the only way to obtain Legend of Mana physically. Within this listing, Square Enix specifies that “this game plan is not prepared to be offered independently”. This edition isnt validated for a western release, either. Boo.

Releasing on June 24th, were confident that Square Enix will make this more commonly available. Its a pity if they dont, however JRPG fans have otherwise got plenty to eagerly anticipate.
Intending to see a physical Legend of Mana edition in the West? Would you buy this collectors edition? Share your ideas down below.

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