Trump’s campaign app was suspended from the Google Play Store because it didn’t work – The Verge2 min read

The Official Trump 2020 app page in the Play Store, prior to its elimination.

Google removed previous president Donald Trumps 2020 campaign app from Googles Play Store previously Wednesday. It wasnt removed for any of the numerous other factors that Trump has actually been gotten rid of from the worlds largest platforms, however rather due to the fact that it simply didnt work, Android Police reports.
Prior to its suspension, the app provided campaign news, an occasion schedule, and ways to contribute to the project, but at some point, it stopped working, prompting Google to take it down. Android Police verified that the app was non-functional before Google eliminated it. When Android Police tested the app, it was “unable to load content, reporting a network error or just spinning a filling T circle endlessly.” The iOS version of the app is still on the Apple App Store and still working.

Image: Android Police

It may not be unexpected, but apps do require to preserve “minimum performance” as part of the Play Stores policies, which implies they must both load and be responsive. Google provided a statement to Android Police about why it got rid of the app:
The Trump 2020 campaign app just recently stopped working and we connected to the designer several times in an effort to get them to attend to the issue. People anticipate that apps downloaded from Google Play offer a minimum level of performance and our policy is to remove non-working apps from the shop if they are not fixed.”
While there could be a desire to connect the apps removal to larger political intentions like Trumps second impeachment and even previously circumstances of the previous President getting gotten rid of from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, this is simple app store moderation at work: when an app does not function and the developers do not update, it gets removed until further notification. Since the 2020 campaign is over, dont expect the app to get upgraded– at least up until 2024.

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