Threes! creator reveals new game Brick Breaker from Vodeo Games – Polygon1 min read

You may understand game developer Asher Vollmer for his deal with addictive puzzle video game Threes! and Apple Arcade dream experience Guildlings. His recently formed studio Vodeo Games has a new game in the works called Beast Breaker, and if ball-bouncing, brick-smashing games like Holedown and Arkanoid (or, heck, pinball) are your thing, you may desire to pay attention.
Beast Breaker mixes a ball-bouncer with turn-based tactical strategy and stars a cute mouse called Skipper. Gamers will select an attack design, line up shots (Skipper is the ball), and attack huge mosaic beasts on a world-saving adventure.
” Along the method,” Vodeo Games says on its website, “you will satisfy a vibrant cast of characters who will assist you craft equipment, master distinct new battling designs, and possibly even find the origin of the Beasts.”
Beast Breaker is pertaining to Nintendo Switch and PC via the Epic Games Store this summer. It looks neat!

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