Three new Motorola Wear OS watches could arrive this year – Android Police1 min read

No other details about the watches were pointed out in the presentation. Moto G is one of Motorolas budget phone lineups, and the image of the Moto G watch appears to do not have the turning dial from the 2019 Moto 360, so it could be a budget plan watch with minimized functions. The Moto Watch is a square model similar to the Apple Watch and Oppo Watch, and the Moto One appears to have slimmer bezels and removed lugs (like the Skagen Falster 3).

It stays to be seen how much demand there will be for more Motorola-branded Wear OS watches, specifically as Google continues to neglect the core platform. I would not be opposed to more square smartwatches, though.

Motorola has actually run out the smartwatch video game considering that 2016, however in late 2019, a producer called eBuyNow launched a Wear OS watch certifying the old Moto 360 item name. Completion result was a good (if overpriced) watch, and now eBuyNow is planning three more to be released this year.
eBuyNow remains in the process of combining with CE Brands, Inc, and in an investor discussion from earlier this month, CE flaunted what it plans to release throughout 2021. Amongst an odd mix of Kodak-branded child displays and air purifiers, a timeline page exposed that a Moto G Smartwatch is anticipated to show up in June 2021, with 2 more in July designated as Moto Watch & & One.

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