This Bot Turns Reddit Arguments Into Ace Attorney Debates – Kotaku1 min read

And now, they can be turned into Phoenix Wright debates.A new bot produced by Micah Price can grab the text of Reddit arguments and transplant them straight into the framework of an Ace Attorney scene. Price tells Mashable that he made it in simply three days using Python, alongside some computer vision and maker knowing libraries, and the code is open source.If anything, Im hoping this bot can broaden even further. Thankfully, another Ace Attorney fan has currently turned the notorious “how many days in a week” forum thread into a Phoenix Wright argument, so were taken care of in that respect.G/ O Media may get a commissionThe bot does not work on every subreddit– Price is keeping in mind which subreddits it supports on the bots Reddit user page– however feel free to utilize this as fodder for your next dive down a Reddit rabbit hole.

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