This $400,000 Folding 165-Inch MicroLED TV Disappears Into Your Floor – Gizmodo3 min read

For Netflix binge-watchers who might be worried that a huge TV would overwhelm their living spaces vibe, fear not: The 165-inch C SEED M1 is a huge folding screen that totally disappears into the flooring when not in usage. Installation looks like a huge discomfort– and thats assuming you survive the sticker shock.Unlike business like LG, which have actually utilized flexible OLED screen technology to deliver giant TVs that can quietly disappear into an unassuming box when not in usage, C SEED instead utilizes microLEDs. MicroLEDs, which numerous consider to be the future of screen innovation, integrate the very best functions of the current leading screen technologies with self-illuminated RGB pixels that do not require a backlight, and without the degrading natural compounds that are utilized to make OLED displays. The new screen tech is likewise more energy effective, permits slimmer screens, and can produce whites and blacks that measure up to the very best TVs currently on the market.The only downside is that microLED display screens cant fold like OLEDs can– at least yet. So to make a 165-inch TV vanish into the flooring, C SEED has instead developed the M1 to very first different into five different panels that fold into each other like a huge fan. Thats the other benefit of microLED screen technology: It permits much bigger TVs to be put together from smaller sized panels while perfectly concealing all the seams, so the final result looks like one giant uniform display.Illustration: C SEEDG/O Media may get a commissionWeve all seen “jumbotron” screens criss-crossed with black lines where smaller panels didnt rather line up perfectly, however C SEED promises thats not a problem with the M1 thanks to a function called Adaptive Gap Calibration, which senses when panels have minor offsets and automatically adjusts the brightness of edge pixels to hide any shadows that create those undesirable joint lines.The C SEED M1, available in gold, black, or titanium finishes, can be yours for $400,000, but that doesnt include the renovations required to make a space ready for its setup. If you want the full impact of a giant TV screen that disappears into your floor, youre going to need to get a professional to make sure that its even possible for a space– and after that theres the space listed below it to think about if you reside in a multi-floor house. If you live in an apartment or a condo in a tower, youll need to instead settle for other setup alternatives, which consist of a giant box resting on the flooring for the M1 to collapse into, or matching decorative furnishings for it to hide inside.That sounds like a lot of work just to disguise a TELEVISION, however enjoying the C SEED M1 slowly rise out of the flooring and after that unfold like the photovoltaic panels of a satellite thats just reached orbit is enchanting. It nearly makes needing to wait a couple of minutes before you can actually see TV appear not as bothersome as it really is. Getting there is half the fun with the M1.

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