This 1.5-Pound Stainless Steel Dock Ensures Apples MagSafe Charger Always Stays Put – Gizmodo2 min read

Image: NomadThe iPhone 12s new MagSafe charging is a marquee feature, however theres something nobody ever discusses: Separating the phone from a charger isnt effortless, which implies when you reach for the gadget and forget its being charged, you can yank the cable television a little too hard. Nomads solution to the issue is a 1.5-pound strong steel dock for Apples wireless battery charger that utilizes gravity to quickly break MagSafes magnetic embrace.The MagSafe Mount appears like it might be the simplest and most brute-force way to enhance the usability of Apples MagSafe Charger without physically attaching the puck to the surface area of a desk or a nightstand. Even installation seems easy enough. The MagSafe battery charger is dropped into a precision-cut hole in the top of the MagSafe Mount where its securely kept in place by non-permanent microsuction tape that allows the puck to be gotten rid of as needed.The charging cable is then routed into the base of the MagSafe Mount, whichs about all there is to it. When an iPhone 12 is put on top it will instantly line up and secure itself to the cordless charging puck, however when users go to grab their device, the force of gravity pulling down on the 1.5-pound stainless steel dock is more powerful than the magnetic hold of MagSafe, guaranteeing whatever other than the phone remains strongly planted where it is.Image: NomadG/O Media may get a commissionIts a basic solution, however a not low-cost one at $50. That does not element in the expense of any cordless charging hardware– all youre getting is a hunk of heavy steel. Why not just use that microsuction tape to protect Apples MagSafe Charger straight to a desk or table? Well, rearranging the battery charger when an adhesive is included isnt as easy as moving around Nomads MagSafe Mount. Theres also the threat of the adhesive spoiling the surface of a desk or table. Nomads install has a huge non-slip rubber grip on the bottom that ought to protect any surface area it sits on.

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