These School of Rock Co-Stars Romance Is Still Going Strong and Fans Are Thrilled – E! NEWS1 min read

These two simply provided Rock of Love an entire brand-new significance..
As revealed in a TikTok published on May 16, School of Rock co-stars Angelo Massagli, who played Frankie in the 2003 Jack Black comedy, and Caitlin Hale, who portrayed Marta, who portrayed Marta, are still quite dating. The two first looked like students turned bandmates in the class that Jacks character substitutes.
This isnt a new romance: The couple have apparently been together since at least 2018, according to the couples adorable posts on Instagram. The commenters on the TikTok video could not get enough of their adorable relationship..
One user wrote, “This is the wholesome news the world needed today.” Another added, “This made my heart pleased.” A third shared, “Now THIS is a spin-off motion picture that requires to occur.”.
Angelo, who likewise appeared in The Sopranos and graduated from law school at the University of Miami in 2019, recently shared an Instagram photo of himself and Caitlin on a boat, along with the caption “ship shape.”.

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