The original voice of Siri makes an appearance in Persona 5 Strikers – The Verge1 min read

If you ask your iPhone for directions to the nearby camping store, though, you may discover that its reaction does not precisely seem like the video game. Thats because, while Bennett was the initial voice for Siri when it debuted with the iPhone FOUR running iOS 5 (though technically Siri existed with Bennetts voice before it was ever contributed to the iPhone), she was changed with the launch of iOS 7.
Typeform has an interview with Bennett about how she became the voice of Siri, and it consists of heaps of voice recordings from her, which you can compare to her work in Strikers. You can likewise enjoy Apples advertisement that presents Siri on the iPhone 4S to get a feel for what Siri sounded like at that time in case its current version has overwritten those memories.

“We need someone to play the voice assistant in the English variation of the game. If you want to experience it for yourself, Persona 5 Strikers is out today on PlayStation, Steam, and Switch.

If youve spent the day playing through Persona 5 Strikers and saw the voice of the in-game digital assistant sounded familiar, its likely since its played by the initial voice of Siri (via Kotaku). Susan Bennett originally supplied the voice for Apples digital assistant, and now shes playing EMMA, the in-game AI.
You can hear what she sounds like in the function in the video listed below, around the 9:44 mark.

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