The original Ninja Gaiden Black and II code has apparently been lost – The Verge1 min read

Another screengrab from Ninja Gaiden Black working on Xbox One X, showcasing the initial style of the Xbox as an easter egg.

The cons are more plentiful, like how many people felt Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Sigma II were made much easier than the 2004, 2005, and 2008 copies of those video games, and that some of the level style, video game products, story beats, and opponents were changed. The interview doesnt resolve whether the information for the original 2004 version of Ninja Gaiden still exists, or if Sigma is truly the only complete copy of the game in existence.
These arent even especially old titles, with the original Ninja Gaiden launching on the Xbox just 17 years ago. Well, time to go clutch my copy of Ninja Gaiden Black and never let go.

People who missed out on out on the first 3D-action Ninja Gaiden games launched in the aughts (and that other one that we dont truly speak about from 2012) will have a chance to play all 3 this coming June in Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection, revealed for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. However regretfully, the very first two entries in the trilogy will be based on the Sigma re-releases that originally came out on PS3 and PS Vita, not their definitive variations (Ninja Gaiden Black for the original Xbox and Ninja Gaiden II for the Xbox 360) since the group says their source code went missing.
Pointing out a current Famitsu interview (by means of Kotaku), a staffer from designer Team Ninja told the publication that “there are only pieces of the information that stay. We couldnt salvage them.” Its not that the company chooses the Sigma remakes over the precious original titles: this was Team Ninjas only choice, apparently.

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