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Man sadly realizes he cannot farm easy Twitter likes by screenshotting the weather and writing “nice” above it.

Man sadly realizes he cannot farm easy Twitter likes by screenshotting the weather and writing “nice” above it.
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Apple, the company so grossed out by human sexuality that it won’t allow fictional characters to bang on its streaming service or app store, seems to have a problem with the very cool number 69, too. Whether resulting from an intentional refusal to acknowledge anything that might refer to mutually beneficial oral sex or just a plain old bug, the company’s prudishness is now reflected in the fact that iPhone users can’t even see a 69 degree Fahrenheit temperature on their device’s Weather app.

The Verge reports out that a number of iOS versions (“including the current version iOS 14.6″) don’t show the fun sex temperature, rounding instead to 68 or 70 degrees. When checked against, where iOS draws data from, a 69 temperature can be seen but the app itself won’t reflect that “anywhere in the forecast, whether it’s for the current temperature, the hourly forecast for the day, or the extended forecast.”

While it’s possible that an entire number has been eliminated because it makes Apple execs feel funny, numbers like 65 and 71 degrees are subject to the same rounding, too. That, along with the fact that other versions of iOS will let you giggle at 69 degree weather suggest that the omission is the result of a glitch.

The article explains that the problem could lie in the Weather app gathering data “in Celsius and then converting it to Fahrenheit.” In that case, “20 degrees Celsius converts to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, while 21 degrees Celsius converts to 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit,” which would make more sense rounded up to 70.

If this does turn out to be the reason, maybe it will act as the push America needs to finally convert to Celsius, which, for accuracy’s sake, must always allow people suffering in future heat waves to croak a dehydrated “nice” when their app shows them the temperature outside.

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