The Half-Life 2 RTS Is Finally “Out” After 13 Years Of Development – Kotaku1 min read

Originally a Half-Life 2 mod, and later on a standalone beta, the thing is now finished, or as completed as a video game ever gets these days, anyway.Having started advancement in 2007, the group revealed the release of v1.0 on Sunday, pointing out how it has “progressed from a proof of idea into a totally fledged assymetrical RTS video game with Singleplayer, Co-op and Multiplayer gamemodes.”The v1.0 release included new systems, structures, bug fixes and remodels, and is available for free from Lambda Wars Steam page.I keep in mind playing this a long time ago and digging it, while Nathan played the video game back in 2014 and wrote about it on the site.

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