The First Major Google Maps Alternative Launches on Android Auto – autoevolution1 min read

By opening up Android Auto for third-party designers, Google basically enabled software makers to release options even to its own apps, including Google Maps, which right now continues to be the favored navigation option for a lot of people out there.This week, Sygic is joining the celebration with its extremely own navigation service thats finally offered for everybody on Android Auto. After rolling out a beta last year, Sygics GPS Navigation now comes with Android Auto assistance, providing a fully-featured experience right on the cars and trucks head unit.The application works exactly like you d anticipate it to work. Just plug your Android gadget into your cars USB port or connect it wirelessly, launch Android Auto, and then the Sygic GPS Navigation icon ought to show up on the home screen.The app comes with its familiar user interface, and if youve ever used a navigation app in the past, everything is as simple as it gets.

Among the most considerable modifications that Google presented for Android Auto last year permitted more developers to add assistance for the car-optimized experience in their own software application, paving the way for a larger environment of apps behind the wheel.

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