The End of Waze? Apple Updates Google Maps Rival With Traffic Reporting Feature – autoevolution2 min read

Its a newly-developed reporting function that allows users to report accidents, hazards, and speed electronic cameras on the map, basically much like Waze lets you do today on all platforms.So in theory, with this update Apple Maps, which has actually constantly been more of a competitor to Google Maps instead of a Waze option, is getting brand-new capabilities depending on a crowdsourcing engine, so it needs to at one point have the ability to caution users of traffic events ahead.In other words, Apple Maps is entering the Waze area, though the release of iOS 14.5 beta reveals the feature is still in its early days, and additional polishing is still required.For example, the very first time you introduce Apple Maps after installing this brand-new beta of the os, Siri informs you theres a new accident reporting feature bundled with the app, and there are two ways to contribute with your own traffic report.You can either utilize a voice command like “Hey Siri, theres an accident” to have the digital assistant send the report for you or swipe up on the map in Apple Maps to expose a new Report button that lets you mark the area of an accident, other threats, or speed camera.Unlike Waze, Apple Maps does not have a more convenient reporting button at this point, but once again, the function is still in its early days, so do not be too surprised if Apple prepares significant improvements in the long term. As it ends up, the brand-new function has already gotten here on CarPlay, too, so users can send reports from their vehicles as well.For now, you can just report the 3 items mentioned above, while Waze likewise offers support for a broad variety of other risks, including pits, fog, and parking lot on the road. It remains to be seen if this is a direction that Apple wants to embrace as well for Apple Maps, however right now, the Cupertino-based tech giant appears ready to develop the Waze rival Google never ever desired.

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