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Dysons newest vacuum isnt one for subtlety. It has actually a laser strapped to the front of it for the purpose of highlighting where the dust is hiding. The Dyson V15 Detect is the companys newest, top-of-the-line cordless vacuum in its line of stick vacuums. Its more effective than my own Xiaomi stick vac (and the Dyson V6 I owned several years ago), while swapping out the cleaning heads makes it ideal for both carpets and tough floorings (or a mix of both, like my own). That versatility and large cleansing power (ugh, did I simply write those words together?) will cost you $699. Are those high-tech additions gimmicks or genuinely valuable upgrades for a cleaner home?
Ive invested a couple of weeks with the V15, and my carpets, carpet and hardwood floorings are cleaner than they have ever been– barring a mop. It makes an engaging case for high-end stick vacuums.
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The marquee brand-new functions– an acoustic piezo sensor and laser head– are focused on assuring you that your house is indeed cleaner.
While there are numerous notable features on the V15 Detect, lets start with the showiest one, the laser blade light on the cleaning head. Its there to visibly reveal you that your Dyson vacuum is cleaning your floorings.
Any impressions I had of keeping a from another location clean house were rushed. I understood my carpet sheds fine fibers quite easily. I didnt understand how easily they averted my old stick vacuums. For the sake of checking the V15, I vacuumed my floorings with my Xiaomi vacuum, then I returned over the same locations with the V15. My carpeted bedroom, its a one-room wood flooring scenario, making it perfect for Dysons laser feature.
The laser works as promised, illuminating hairs, dust and other detritus, making it tough to miss out on, or overlook. It made me scrutinize my vacuuming, literally highlighting where I had not vacuumed in the past, or what my other stick vac didnt– or couldnt– pick up. The laser, placed at a precise 1.5-degree angle, wont aid with carpets or carpets, which is why its only discovered on the businesss Fluffy head.
The next major feature is an evolution of the transparent dust cylinders that ended up being de rigueur in nearly all stick vacuums, and several plug-in upright models. (Dyson had a hand in that trend.) Seeing what youve handled to pull from your floors is remarkably pleasing.
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Carbon fibers then roughly measure these microscopic particles, which are, Dyson states, counted at up to 15,000 times a second. From this, the V15 can show a particle count of your tidy on an LCD display on the back of the vacuum, laying out whether youre sucking up lots of bigger particles or finer dust.
Lets be truthful: the size of particles doesnt actually help enhance my cleaning– nor does knowing that Ill pull in millions of particles every time I swing the V15 through my home. I think you might attempt to either struck a new high rating each time you clean up, or attempt to generally lower your ratings for some kind of evidence of cleaner floorings.
The acoustic piezo sensing unit also changes the V15s cyclone engine to better clean your floors. In 2015s V11 adjusted its suction when it found carpet or rug fibers, but the V15 is even smarter. On Auto mode, these particle counts will alter just how much power the V15 puts into cleansing. If it finds higher levels of small fragments, it increases the suction itself.
Beneath the LCD show that shows those particle counts, theres a button that changes the V15 in between 3 various suction modes. Weve already mentioned Auto, which was my de facto setting many of the time. Eco needs to extend the battery life for approximately an hour, according to Dysons price quotes. At the other end of the scale, theres Boost mode, which puts Dysons cyclone engine on complete power. Smoothly, as you switch in between modes the vacuum offers battery life estimates in minutes that dynamically alters depending upon which modes being used.At optimum power, that time will naturally plunge. However with a complete battery, it seemed to hover around the 20-minute mark for Boost cleaning. Car mode promised approximately 45 minutes of use with a fully charged battery.
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The “identify” developments aside, this a really effective vacuum, on par with other plugin vacuum cleaners lots of times bigger and heavier. It is absolutely the most powerful vacuum Ive ever used. Consumer Reports and Wirecutter have made comparable remarks about the V15– and they review far more vacuums than I.
We dont test almost every vacuum that Dyson makes, so I cant use a comparison to last years model, even if it looks extremely similar to the V11– and costs the same. The 6.8-pound V15 is visibly much heavier than the 4.6-pound V6 that Im used to.
Dyson has actually added a single button start to some of its latest vacuums, however that didnt include the V15 Detect, sadly. Youll still have to hold down the trigger– and keep it held down– up until youre done cleaning, adding to the effort required.
The V15 is an overall monster at drawing out ingrained dust and dirt in carpets and carpets– locations where the laser doesnt even work, due to the unequal surface. Ew– thanks, Dyson. I wasnt able to test out whether it cut through clumped-together hair, however the V15 also comes with yet another device committed the difficulty, a hair screw tool.
There are likewise 2 crevice peripherals: a stubborn dirt brush and a soft cleaning brush. The 2 main heads are created for different tasks, and while a lazy part of me wants the business would come up with a head that merges the benefits of both (perhaps it will?), for now 2 customized heads will suffice.
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It feels weird to consider a high-end vacuum as a luxury, or even a treat. Its also not the companys most costly stick vacuum, with that honor going to the $800 V11 Outsize, which has a bigger dust compartment and cleansing head.
Im discussing away the V15s asking price, but this remains a high-end vacuum for people willing to stump up for it. Its that kind of item, and its hard to argue versus how well this cleans my carpets and rugs, too. My floorings have actually probably never ever been cleaner, and the lasers prove it.All products advised by Engadget are chosen by our editorial team, independent of our parent company.

The Dyson V15 Detect is the businesss latest, top-of-the-line cordless vacuum in its line of stick vacuums. For the sake of testing the V15, I vacuumed my floors with my Xiaomi vacuum, then I went back over the same locations with the V15. From this, the V15 can display a particle count of your clean on an LCD display on the back of the vacuum, laying out whether youre sucking up lots of larger particles or finer dust.
The “find” innovations aside, this a really effective vacuum, on par with other plugin vacuum cleaners lots of times larger and much heavier. Consumer Reports and Wirecutter have actually made comparable remarks about the V15– and they evaluate far more vacuums than I.

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