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Image: UbisoftThe Division 2 was launched on March 12, 2019, making it just over two years old today. Because time a lot has occurred. Numerous updates, changes, bugs, debates, teasers, puzzles, and more. Heres what took place since The Division 2 came out. Even prior to The Division 2s 2019 release, it began to stimulate controversy when Ubisoft tried to place the game as non-political. Yet the game was embeded in Washington D.C. and would market itself using political images and messages. (And the video game featured tons of political storylines and lore.) All of this made the pledges of it being not political feel like a strange lie Ubisoft was offering to a specific group of gamers. On March 12, 2019, The Division 2 released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It included a substantial map that was pleasing to explore, including museums based upon real-world areas discovered in DC. Our preliminary impressions of the game were positive and our evaluation left impressed. The launch of The Division 2 wasnt best. A frustrating bug caused unique abilities, like attack drones, to not work consistently. It was ultimately patched right after it appeared. Less bothersome issues were found too, like a completely glitched staircase and NPCs that behaved like they were possessed by devils. A few weeks after release, Ubisoft updated the video game and altered a lot of stuff. It likewise included a brand-new endgame objective. As players continued to explore the games world, they found secrets. One, in specific, appeared to point towards a Vikings-themed Assassins Creed game. Of course today, in 2021, we understand that hint was precise as in 2020 Assassins Creed Valhalla was released. Other tricks were found by players, including concealed messages that needed to be deciphered. Much of these tricks were included without everybody in the studio knowledgeable about them or how they work.Players also identified a covert information that wasnt funny or cool. A piece of art work found on a structure included a slur. Ubisoft said sorry for the art and eliminated the word rapidly with a spot. Screenshot: Ubisoft/ KotakuIn May 2019, Ubisoft included two brand-new missions to the video game. These werent focused only on fight. Rather, they included brand-new tradition, brand-new areas to check out, and some puzzle fixing. They were just offered to Season 1 pass holders. Later in May, The Division 2s first raid was contributed to the video game. Controversially, it launched without matchmaking assistance after it was implied by Ubisoft that it would have it. It was likewise actually hard, taking the first string to beat over 5 hours. Console gamers had a hard time to beat it, however eventually a couple of days after it was launched a few teams on Xbox and PS4 took it down. In June 2019, during E3, Ubisoft exposed that a later growth for the game would let gamers go back to New York City, the setting of the very first video game. Around this time Ubisoft spoke with Kotaku and discussed how they prepared to combat backlash to the game. Likewise in June, a strange but let gamers eliminate animals to earn special ammo. Ubisoft rapidly covered this after it was found. In July 2019, among the most significant updates in Division 2s history went live. It included flashlights, something players had actually been asking for given that the game launched. It also included new objectives and a new way to play the raid. Players could now select a much easier problem and matchmake with others. This would reward gamers with less effective and unusual loot, however would offer more people a chance to play the endgame activity. In August we checked out statues fucking. Its strange. Likewise around that time, Ubisoft challenged players to find a police officer car sporting a typo. They found it rapidly, but only after fans learned it remained in the game at all. Prior to that, it had stayed surprise for months. In October, fans discovered a secret manager in the game. It had actually been in there for months, like the cop automobile secret, however just was found after Ubisoft teased it. Later in October, Ubisoft updated the game and overhauled the way loot and gear worked. It ended up being easier to hunt for the equipment you wanted and to customize loot you already had. While not the most amazing update, it was a terrific step forward for the loot shooter. G/O Media may get a commissionScreenshot: Ubisoft/ KotakuIn December 2019, Ubisoft added some more tactical-themed clothing, after some fans grumbled that most apparel in the game was too ridiculous or wacky. Likewise that month, Ubisoft added a gun that shoots snowballs.On March 2nd, 2020, after a little dry spell of brand-new content and updates, Ubisoft launched Warlords of New York City. First teased back in E3 2019, this expansion was enormous and saw gamers return to NYC. It shocked the method the video game managed leveling up, loot and it likewise modified how the endgame progression worked. A couple of days after release, we evaluated the brand-new growth and mored than happy about most of the changes and the brand-new world to explore. Along with the brand-new DLC, Ubisoft started Season 1 of Division 2, including a fight pass system to the video game and new opponent targets to hound over the course of a few weeks. Later in March, gamers spent hours and hours finding and discovering all the concealed managers in the video game. It took some work, however over a weekend they came together by means of Discord and resolved all the puzzles and eliminated all the secret enemies. As March turned to April in 2020, the covid-19 pandemic began to grab the world. A doctor discussed for Kotaku his experience in New York City battling the infection, while at the same time playing The Division 2, a video game about a deadly virus that has actually eliminated millions around the world. In May 2020, fans datamined The Division 2 after an update and found a series of files and audio clips which appeared to spoil the next year of material. It also hinted at a brand-new mode. The 2nd Division 2 raid was added in July 2020. The race to be the first group to complete the new activity was ruined by accusations of unfaithful. In September, the dripped files discovered in May were proven to be precise. A brand-new game mode was added to the game. This brand-new mode, Summit, entrusted players with combating their method up 100 floorings, each filled with different opponents and difficulties. In October, the mode was updated to make it a bit much easier for folks to really end up. In December 2020, The Division 2 designers shared bad news about a prepared occasion. Due to covid-19 the occasion, which was set to reuse an older area from the video game, was canceled. Rather, a few of its possessions would be reworked into a smaller-scale apparel event. Later on we learned this was planned to be a big crossover event with Resident Evil. Image: Lucasfilm/ KotakuJanuary 2021 began with some big news. The designers behind The Division 1 and 2 were going to be dealing with a Star Wars video game. At the time, players werent sure what this meant The Division 2 moving forward. On February 2, a brand-new Resident Evil crossover event went live. It included clothing and gear based upon characters from the popular Capcom scary franchise. The occasion was … meh. But the upgrade that added the new clothing also opened the framerate on PS5 and Xbox Series X, letting the game hit 60 fps. In February 2021, as the fourth season of The Division 2 was wrapping up, it seemed like the game was ending. Ubisofts CEO Yves Guillemot announced otherwise throughout a call with investors that month, discussing the game had more updates coming. This appeared to amaze Massive, who put out a declaration verifying that they had actually at first planned to wind things down after Season 4 however would now continue to work on the game, adding more content. No specifics plans were given at that time. Lastly, previously this month Massive set out some prepare for how The Division 2 will continue. While the game will receive some big content and a brand-new mode updates, Massive cautioned that players shouldnt expect this material up until late 2021 at the earliest. In the meantime, old seasons will be rerun for gamers who missed them. Its not the most amazing way to keep the video game alive, however its better than nothing.And theres where things are at. Its now been just over two years because The Division 2 released. A lot has happened, with some huge ups and some huge downs.Now though the popular video game appears to be on life assistance while Massive and Ubisoft shift focus to other things. With guarantees of more material at a later date, it appears most likely Ill be booting up The Division 2 a couple of more times prior to its all over.

Screenshot: Ubisoft/ KotakuIn May 2019, Ubisoft added 2 brand-new missions to the game. In June 2019, throughout E3, Ubisoft revealed that a later expansion for the video game would let gamers return to New York City, the setting of the first video game. Along with the brand-new DLC, Ubisoft began Season 1 of Division 2, including a battle pass system to the video game and new enemy targets to hunt down over the course of a few weeks. A medical professional explained for Kotaku his experience in New York City battling the infection, while at the same time playing The Division 2, a game about a lethal virus that has killed millions around the world. A new game mode was included to the video game.

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