The Demon’s Souls OST Looks Unreasonably Attractive On Vinyl – Kotaku1 min read

Image: Sony/ Milan Records/ Ken Taylor/ KotakuIf you enjoyed Demons Souls updated rating on PlayStation 5 and desire to be able to listen to it in high fidelity, youre in luck: Sony and Milan Records are partnering to produce a two-disc vinyl set of 21 tracks from the remastered classic for release on June 18. Image: Sony/ Milan RecordsPhoto: Sony/ Milan RecordsPhoto: Sony/ Milan RecordsIve composed about how much I liked the usage of silence in the initial soundtrack, but the organized rating of the PlayStation 5 remake is definitely functional. While I mainly enjoyed the choices Bill Hemstapat and Jim Fowler made in rearranging and managing Shunsuke Kidas original PlayStation 3 compositions, I d argue that a particular je ne sais quoi was lost in the shift.

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