The creator of Threes is back with a game about slaying giant beasts – The Verge1 min read

3s designer Asher Vollmer is launching a new studio, Vodeo Games, and revealed the companys first video game, a turn-based experience called Beast Breaker.
Beast Breaker stars Skipper, a small mouse warrior fighting mosaic beasts. The video game counts on tactical choices via pinball-like mechanics; players can also craft devices to assist them on their journey. Its heading to Nintendo Switch and PC this summer. Vodeo launched a quick trailer alongside the news today that displays the video games fast gameplay and vibrant art design.
On its site, Vodeo states it plans to launch small, intimate video games “loaded with complex, interlocking systems that can take years to fully master,” once every year. The studio is already teasing a second one as part of its strategy to work on multiple jobs.
Because releasing Threes, Vollmer has actually continued to deal with other experimental jobs, consisting of low-fi peasant-simulator Royals and Apple Arcade fantasy title Guildlings.

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