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Previously one of Fortnites biggest characters and most effective rivals, Tfue ultimately stopped playing Impressives fight royale totally, and has now shed some light on why he and other developers gave up the video game.

” That Ninja person, what is he playing, League [of Legends] now? Not amazed. What about that Tfue man, hes playing Minecraft, hes playing Warzone? Interesting. What about that huge Fortnite streamer NICKMERCS? Whats he playing, CoD? Thats crazy,” he called out to his fans sardonically.
” Its almost like all the huge banners with somewhat of a personality have actually ventured off to different video games,” he continued, referencing the fact that numerous content creators who focused on Fortnite in the past (like Ninja) have actually stopped playing the game, in some cases entirely.

simply wait bro im abt to become the best warzone player
— Clix (@ClixHimself) March 27, 2021

Jerk/ TfueTfue thinks most banners with a strong personal brand have moved on from Fortnite.
The conversation started when an audience asked Tenney why their Twitter timeline was “filled with kids weeping about the video game.” While Tfue briefly discussed Epic Games banning pros from completing in wagers, he then rotated to the exodus of content developers from the video game in basic.

” They realized they have a character and can venture off and play other video games and still have a streaming profession,” Turner discussed. He then declared his view that “basically, Fortnite is simply filled with a bunch of individuals with absolutely no personality and the video games f ** king dead.”

Tfue shared his point of view on the state of Fortnite as numerous members of the video games community, like NRGs Cody Clix Conrod, voiced their own frustration with the BRs existing season and on-going wager debate as the hashtag #RIPFortnite trended on Twitter.

Tenney completed his explanation by stating that “all the remarkable personality filled material creators that I fulfilled playing Fortnite are now not playing Fortnite. Why play a video game that sucks?” These remarks come approximately 5 months after he openly shared his own reasons for quitting the BR.
While Fortnite still boasts outstanding engagement numbers, its clear that players like Tfue and Ninja made a mindful decision to move away from producing content based around Epics title, which is never a great check in todays world, where content developers drive player retention and interest.

While Fortnite was as soon as thought about the king of fight royales, it has actually seen a consistent but slow decline in appeal. With brand-new oppositions like Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends trying its player base, for lots of the title is no longer thought about the premier BR experience.
In a current livestream on Twitch, former Fortnite banner and pro gamer Turner Tfue Tenney shared his outlook on the game amidst an on-going rift in its community, and described why he believes numerous prominent streamers like Tyler Ninja Blevins left the game for greener pastures.

What about that Tfue person, hes playing Minecraft, hes playing Warzone? What about that big Fortnite banner NICKMERCS? Whats he playing, CoD? Tenney finished his explanation by saying that “all the amazing character filled material developers that I fulfilled playing Fortnite are now not playing Fortnite.

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