Tekken 7s Polish prime minister, Lidia Sobieska, kicks ass in her new trailer – Destructoid1 min read


Madam has the flooring, and shes rubbing your face into itBandai Namco has actually released the launching gameplay trailer for Lidia Sobieska, the strange Polish prime minister readying to remove the Mishima Zaibatsu in Tekken 7. This all-new DLC fighter will be available to buy on March 23, the most current addition to Season 4 of the 3D fighter.
The brand-new video provides us our first appearance at the elegant martial artist and top-tier political leader, who has joined the Iron Fist Tournament with an eye to destroying the Heihachi empire and removing its presence from her precious homeland. As you can see from her compelling trailer, Miss Sobieska is as prideful in the ring as she is in politics, trashing on Dragonov, Brian Fury, and Hworang before taking the battle to Heihachi Mishima himself.
Lidia Sobieska will come packaged with a brand brand-new battling locale: the bright and inviting “Island Paradise” stage. Do not spend too long admiring the view, because Lidia is here defending her individuals – putting down the pen and the red tape, and putting up her fists instead. The premier has the chair, and she might just wrap it round your dang skull


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