T-Mobile just brought back a true unlimited data plan with 5G and no throttling – The Verge2 min read


T-Mobile states rates is “$57 per line each month for 3 lines with autopay and regular monthly taxes and charges consisted of.” For a minimal time, thats dropped to $47 per line each month for three lines. Single-line consumers will need to pay more at $85 monthly with autopay.
A great deal of this has a “too excellent to be true” sound to it, so Im also on the lookout for any asterisks or limits that T-Mobile isnt talking about on the surface.
Along With Magenta Max, T-Mobile is also making modifications to the core Magenta plan. Its bumping up the monthly deprioritization ceiling to 100GB from the 50GB its at currently. Consumers will also get more high-speed tethering data: its now 5GB compared to 3GB before.

T-Mobile has actually simply announced a new month-to-month phone strategy called Magenta Max that the company states is designed for the age of 5G. According to this press release, T-Mobile claims Magenta Max is “the very first and only 5G customer smart device plan that cant slow you down based upon just how much information you utilize.” That makes it seem like the provider is getting rid of whats called deprioritization, where your speeds undergo slowdown after you go beyond a particular quantity of data in a billing cycle.
“T-Mobile has illuminated the highest-capacity 5G network offered– a network so effective it can begin releasing the power of 5G to deliver limitless premium information,” the business stated. Magenta Max guarantees “limitless 4K UHD” video streaming compared to the DVD-quality (or 1080p at best) limitation that includes numerous endless strategies. T-Mobile is likewise extending the businesss “Netflix on Us” promo to single-line consumers.

Magenta Max takes the location of the previous Magenta Plus strategy and will be available starting on February 24th. It consists of 40GB of high-speed tethering data, plus the usual T-Mobile advantages like complimentary in-flight Wi-Fi from Gogo, comprehensive global protection, and Scam Shield protection.

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