Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Character Hopeful Given Hope to Show Up in Future Games –

Sora from Kingdom Hearts is set to be Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s final DLC character. According to Nintendo, there’s no plan to add more DLC characters, and unlike last time they said this, it doesn’t look like it’s going to revert this decision and announce a third Fighters Pass. This means that in-demand characters that didn’t make the roster with a DLC spot will need to patiently wait for the next Super Smash Bros. game, whenever that comes. 

There are a few characters many fans have been pleading for, like Crash Bandicoot, Lloyd Irving, Doomslayer, Dante, and Waluigi. That said, going into the reveal of the final DLC character, no character — other than Sora, and maybe Crash Bandicoot — was in demand more than Master Chief, the protagonist of Halo.

Unfortunately for Xbox fans, Master Chief didn’t join Banjo-Kazooie and Steve as the third Xbox rep, however, this could change in the future as according to Halo community manager John Junyszek, 343 Industries is game. In other words, the only thing blocking Master Chief from being in the game is a desire from Nintendo to add him. Of course, this could be said about a lot of characters. Lots of developers want their characters in Super Smash Bros. That said, with Nintendo and Xbox’s relationship growing more and more, we wouldn’t be surprised if Master Chief is added with the next installment. Unfortunately, this wait could be a long one, as the next game in the series likely won’t come until the next Nintendo console is released, and right now, there’s no word of that happening. 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available via the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo switch only. For more coverage on the critically-acclaimed and best-selling platform fighter — including all of the latest news, rumors, leaks, and speculation — click here or, alternatively check out the relevant and recent links listed right below:

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