Stunning NASA photo shows gold Peruvian Amazon rivers — but theres a dark backstory – CNN1 min read

The image shows the Inambari River and a number of pits surrounded by deforested locations of muddy spoil.Independent gold mining supports 10s of thousands of individuals in the Madre de Dios area, making it one of the largest unregistered mining markets in the world, according to NASA. While some parts of Madre de Dios, such as the Tambopata National Reserve, are protected from mining, hundreds of square miles of rainforest in the location have actually been turned into a treeless, hazardous wasteland.Increases in the rate of gold in recent years have produced jungle boomtowns, total with pop-up brothels and weapon battles, as 10s of thousands of individuals from across Peru signed up with a modern gold rush. Thats the greatest annual total on record dating back to 1985, based on research study performed by Wake Forest Universitys Center for Amazonian Scientific Innovation.Deforestation in 2018 eclipsed the previous record high from 2017, when an approximated 22,635 acres of forest were felled by gold miners, according to MAAP.This indicates that over two years, gold mining decimated the equivalent of more than 34,000 American football fields of the Peruvian Amazon jungle, according to MAAPs analysis.

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