Steam can now stream games at 8K resolution and we immediately thought of you – The Verge2 min read

I just understood: I never ever came back to thank you for buying that $30,000 8K tv. I suggest, Im sure the $1,500 coupon assisted? I feel like I still owe you a bit more.
How about this: why not be the very first to stream PC video games at 8K resolution to the other end of your mansion? We immediately thought of you when we saw that Steam now supports that feature.
Think of the possibilities: you could sit down on your totally immersive $9,000 toilet with your backup 8K TELEVISION– as you do– and rather wasting so numerous of those wonderful pixels on a pillarboxed Snyder Cut, you can utilize all 33+ countless them to sling some not-terribly-demanding game at 8K resolution from your blinding rainbow death box of an RTX 3090-equipped video gaming PC, without even disrupting its sanctum at the other end of your home!
Youll likely require that level of PC, naturally, and even then 8K may not be an offered. “Results might very depending on hardware,” reads Valves release notes. I would also suggest a wired Ethernet cable to lower latency, and you may wish to open your bandwidth limiter in Steam > > Settings > > Remote Play > > Advanced Client Options too– since 50Mbps may not cut it at 8K resolution. You d understand better than us, though.

8K Remote Play is now readily available in the steady Steam client, after pertaining to the beta a couple of days ago.

In all severity, its quite cool to see Steam getting prepped for the TVs of the future. And please send us an extremely high resolution picture of your setup if its your TV of now, too.
On the other hand, if youre the type of individual who cant pay for new games much less an 8K TELEVISION or high-end gaming PC, Valve has great news for you as well– the business just brought Steam Remote Play Together URL sharing out of beta, so good friends can send you a link to join their local multiplayer video games even if you dont have a steam or a pc account.

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