Stadia Developers Cant Fix The Bugs In Their Own Game Because Google Fired Them – Kotaku1 min read

Stadia was maligned from the start, and if the most current experience of Stadia users is any indication, its sure as hell not leaving a positive impression on the way out.One of the couple of games that Google actually owns– although it was launched initially on consoles and PC prior to making its Stadia launching– was Journey to the Savage Planet. Google got Typhon Studios prior to the end of 2019, and the deal indicated that Journey to the Savage Planet was one of the couple of video games that came complimentary with the Stadia Pro subscription.Typhon Studios was the first studio acquired by Google, but with the reliable closure of Googles gaming aspirations, the developers there were let go with everybody else. For users who are still playing on Stadia however– at least the ones who arent taking legal action against Google– thats caused a bit of an issue, because theres no one around to repair their games.Anyone who has tried to play Journey to the Savage Planet– which only came to Stadia Pro a few weeks earlier– has run into a string of bugs, including freezing on the primary menu, crashes, and hanging.

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