Spotify will let you filter your liked songs by mood and genre – The Verge1 min read

Spotifys making it easier to parse your liked tunes. The company is rolling out a new function today thatll let users filter their liked tunes by category and state of mind. In this manner, you can take pleasure in more of what you like without jeopardizing on the vibe. I, for example, have tunes that would be fun in the club but also folky songs for relaxation time, both of which are under my liked tunes umbrella. This new feature would let me choose what state of mind Im in and then listen.
You can then go to your library, tap into liked songs, and choose a filter thats listed throughout the top. These filters will alter as you like new songs, Spotify states.
Spotify has actually made it no secret that it desires to be the app for every type of audio need, including music and podcasts. Although this function is small, its the sort of update that makes an item more useful for everyday use and might keep individuals returning to the app to like songs, which is what Spotify desires.

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