Spotify just launched a gadget for listening to music in the car called Car Thing, and its currently free – Business Insider2 min read

Read more: Chipotles tech chief exposes how its financial investment in Nuros self-driving lorries might resolve dining establishments shipment problems, as Dominos rolls out the self-governing vehicles this weekCar Thing users can search podcasts, stations, playlists, and albums using voice commands, a touch screen, or an analog dial. There are also 4 buttons on top that enable for easy access to 4 presets. Numerous brand-new lorries come with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which similarly allow drivers to manage phone apps remotely through an automobiles infotainment screen.

Spotify announced its first piece of hardware, the Car Thing..
The Car Thing, as its name suggests, is for listening to music or podcasts in ones cars and truck..
It should allow owners of older automobiles to get the benefits of a more recent, sleeker infotainment system..
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You cant go out and purchase a Car Thing simply. The Car Thing mounts up to a vehicles control panel and plugs into a 12-volt power outlet. To utilize the device, consumers match their phone to the Car Thing and to their vehicles audio system.

Spotify is moving into the hardware business.The business on Tuesday announced the Car Thing, a devoted gizmo for listening to podcasts and playlists while driving. You cant go out and buy a Car Thing simply. Spotify is providing the device a restricted release, and right now its available to United States Spotify Premium customers on an invite-only basis. Clients can sign up for a waitlist to get one totally free while supplies last, and Spotify says the Car Thing will ultimately cost $79.99. The Car Thing mounts up to a vehicles dashboard and plugs into a 12-volt power outlet. To use the gadget, customers combine their phone to the Car Thing and to their automobiles audio system. The concept, according to Spotify, is to give users a “seamless” listening experience “no matter the year or design of your lorry.”.

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