Spotify and YouTube Music will bring much needed offline tunes to Google’s Wear watches – The Verge2 min read

YouTube Music will also support downloads.

Googles smartwatch OS has actually lagged behind Apples in many methods, including offline music listening. The Apple Watch has actually had the ability to play tunes downloaded through Apple Music when far from a phone for years, and it specified where Google chose to launch its YouTube Music app for the Apple Watch before its own Wear OS. When Gizmodo put out a post last November on how listen to music phone-free on smartwatches, its Wear OS suggestion was basically an app that functioned as an MP3 gamer, requiring the transfer of local files that you currently own.
Because the shutdown of Google Play Music, Wear OS users havent had many choices for offline music. Now, Googles Wear watches might possibly even leapfrog the Apple Watch when it comes to offline Spotify playback– to get your Spotify on an Apple Watch without bring around your phone, you presently need an active web connection to stream it to one of Apples more expensive cellular Apple Watch designs, a function included late last year. Some other watches have had offline Spotify playback in the past, however, like Garmins flagship Forerunner sports watches and some Samsung Galaxy wearables.
You can take a look at the Spotify and YouTube Music app reveals on your own in Googles Wear-specific session from I/O. The YouTube Music announcement begins at 2:38, and the Spotify demo begins at 12:50 in the video below.

The YouTube Music app is also getting an update, which will likewise include the ability to download music straight to Wear gadgets, permitting users to listen without a phone close by.

Spotifys product lead for wearables and cars and trucks teased an interesting brand-new feature concerning Wear devices throughout Googles Developer Keynote on Tuesday: the capability for the streaming services 356 million users to download music directly to their watch, and listen to it sometimes when they do not desire to bring their phone (through XDA Developers). The feature isnt included in the redesign that was simply released, but Spotify says that its presently in the works.
The announcement came along with Googles expose that it would be merging Wear OS with Samsungs Tizen. During Tuesdays I/O keynote, Google promised that the updated OS would bring faster performance and longer battery life, which are presently still issues for Wear OS watches.

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