Sony reportedly closing PlayStation Store on PS3 and PSP this July, with Vita to follow in August – Gamesradar2 min read

Sony will supposedly close down the PlayStation Stores for PS3, Vita, and PSP this summer.Thats according to The Gamer, which points out a “source knowledgeable about the situation” in a new story on the closures. The PS3 and PSP shops will obviously remain online till July 2, 2021, with the Vita store a little method behind them with an August 27 deadline. Sony hasnt confirmed these shop closures, so do not run out and purchase a lot of external disk drives or SD cards simply yet. The Gamer reports that Sony plans to reveal the end of its tradition stores at the end of this month, so at a lot of, you may wish to consider what digital games youre still missing out on from the libraries of these systems. If theres anything you always desired to play but never got around to, you may need to download it at some point quickly. All 3 consoles are home to numerous legacy PlayStation video games, numerous of which arent presently available on PS4 and PS5, so theyre still reasonably valuable platforms. The PS3 offers a solid collection of PS2 and PS1 games, and the Vita has a good PS1 lineup of its own plus a top-shelf selection of indie games. Historically, as soon as console stores close, users are no longer able to download digital games or game updates on those consoles, so if true, this news might impact a lot more than just digital ownership. Once again, the specifics and timeline are still informal, so in the meantime simply wish for the best while getting ready for the worst. Weve reached out to Sony for remark and will upgrade our reporting if we hear back. Sony is moving wholesale into the new console generation: last December, the business discontinued direct PS4 Pro sales, and previously this year, it halted production of numerous PS4 designs in Japan..

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