Sonos is giving some serious side-eye to Googles assertion that Assistant and Alexa cant play nicely – Android Police1 min read

Its no trick that Sonos and Google arent friends right now. The companies are currently associated with numerous various lawsuits concerning intellectual residential or commercial property theft and copyright infringement, and it doesnt seem like the relationship will enhance anytime soon. Sonoss Chief Legal Officer Eddie Lazarus delivered remarks to the Senate Judiciary antitrust committee yesterday, calling for action on interoperability standards avoiding them from

Lazaruss declaration to the Senate the other day touched on, among other competition-focused problems, the failure to make it possible for interoperability in between smart house platforms. Basically, Sonos wants its customers to actively utilize Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri as they wish, while the business behind those services look for ecosystem lock-in. For its part, Googles senior public policy director Wilson White told committee members that interoperability is impossible due to “technical difficulties” relating to personal privacy and security when two voice assistants are active concurrently.
According to Lazarus, thats an incorrect assertion. As reported by Protocol, Sonos claims it has actually discovered a solution to dual services like Assistant and Alexa running at the very same time, providing to demonstrate to Google how the innovation works.
Although Sonos plainly has Google in its crosshairs, it wasnt the only company targeted during the committee hearing on Tuesday. Lazarus also slammed Amazons Voice Interoperability Initiative as an empty gesture, effectively pressing customers towards Alexa as Google refuses to participate. Samsung and Google continue to pursue a partnership in between SmartThings and Assistant without any of those technical difficulties in sight.

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