Someone Made A PS5 Out Of Brass – Kotaku1 min read

After watching this video, I still think the hardest part of making a brass PlayStation 5 is actually finding a PS5 to modify.

The all brass PS5 was created by YouTuber DIY Perks using a standard, boring plastic console. He removed the outside plastic bits and used them as guides, remaking the pieces in shiny, fancy brass. According to DIY Perks, this a perfect metal for do-it-yourselfers because it’s extremely easy to work with, even if you only have a few basic tools.

The full video is oddly soothing. It feels like an episode of How It’s Made. And the end result is stunning, especially when compared to the original PS5.

However, the brass, while pretty, did cause some wifi issues. But this was resolved by simply removing the wifi antenna from the inside and attaching it to the back.

Still think all of this was easier than finding a PS5. That’s a whole clusterfuck still.

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