Some Pixel 5 users can’t stream Netflix in HD because of a DRM issue – The Verge1 min read

Some Pixel 5 owners are apparently experiencing a bug with Googles Widevine DRM platform thats triggering their phones to just repeat Netflix videos in standard definition, instead of the typical HD and HDR10 quality that they must be.
Google is mindful of the concern and is working on a firmware fix, however it still needs to evaluate and confirm it so its unclear when it will be launched.
The issue, while not widespread, seems triggering afflicted Pixel 5 devices to be downgraded to Widevines L3 status, rather of the usual Widevine L1 (which is what authenticates to enable HD and HDR playback for Netflix, to name a few things). 9to5Google hypothesizes that the problem appears to have actually been worsened by the current April security upgrade for the phone, although its not clear if the two are really connected.
Widevine is Googles DRM service, which is utilized by a variety of premium streaming companies, consisting of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and Google Play Movies. Material is protected utilizing a three-level system.
L1 is the most safe and secure and guarantees that all content processing and cryptography is dealt with within a relied on execution environment on the devices processor. L2 gadgets only execute cryptography operations within that protected environment, while L3 devices do not do any content processing or cryptography operations in a protected area of the chipset.
Normally, in order to ensure that streamed content does not get stolen, business mandate that higher-quality HD, HDR, and 4K versions of motion pictures and reveals be restricted to the more secure L1 gadgets. Googles Pixel phones should be L1-rated devices, but the previously mentioned concern appears to be triggering them to register as L3 hardware instead.

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