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Snap is presenting a new function its calling Friend Check Up. On Snapchat, having somebody friended could provide access to your story and even possibly your place, depending on your Snap Map settings, so Snap wishes to make sure that everyone on your good friends list is still someone you really wish to call your buddy.
This function might help make the platform safer for users, if they choose to utilize it. It could be a great way to help you recognize you may still have someone friended that you do not want to see your posts. And I know thereve been a lot of times when Ive looked at a good friend or fan of mine and said “I have no idea who this individual is,” or worse: “oops, my ex can see my sadtweeting.”
Snap states that the function will be presenting worldwide on Android “in the coming weeks” and to iOS gadgets “in the coming months.” The pointer will appear as an alert on your profile screen, as you can see in this GIF:

The Friend Check Up function reveals an alert reminding you to take a look at your friends list.

If you d like to do a check up yourself before the feature rolls out, you can see your pals list by going to your profile and tapping on My Friends. You can remove a friend by tapping and holding on their name up until the Block/ Remove good friend menu appears.
The Friend Check Up function is part of a push from Snap to make Snapchat a friendlier place, including new resources and combinations with the Trevor Project for LGBTQ+ youths, and MindUP for parents attempting to comprehend and support their teenage kids. The social media network is also getting more combination with the Crisis Text Project for people looking for mental health help.

GIF: Snap

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