Sealed Box Of Pokémon Cards Sells For $408,000 – Kotaku1 min read

As the fantastic Nute Gunray once stated, this is getting out of hand.As more and more people realise the worth in old Pokémon cards, more and more individuals are gathering to chances to capture, if not them all, then at least when card worth a load of money.Which probably describes why (through Polygon), at a recent auction, a sealed box of first edition cards from 1999 offered for $408,000. If it does not, well, if youre spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on Pokemon cards, youll survive.I remember I wrote about a first edition box selling at auction in 2018 for $56,000 and believed it was crazy, and that– for many factors, only some of them Pokémon-related– feels like it was 100 years ago.G/ O Media might get a commissionHeritage Auctions filmed the bidding if watching somebody spent $408,000 on some Pokemon cards is something you can bear to see.

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