Screen-on time disappears from Settings menu in Android 12 Beta 1 – Android Police2 min read

You can still see your “screen time” in the Apps section or Digital Wellbeing, however just for that day..
You can still kinda-sorta see your screen-on time in Beta 1 in the Apps section of settings, however it just reveals time collected today. You could attempt to supplement that by including up values across several days via the Digital Wellbeing Dashboard, however those blanket 24 hour-long measurements might have concerns with middle-of-the-day charging or late-night use.
Folks like myself that go out of our way to do multi-day battery tests or anybody hoping to determine that metric throughout more than a single day will be out of luck without either a separate tool to surface the reading from the Android system or a devoted app for the purpose.
We reached out to Google yesterday to see if this is a bug or otherwise unintentional behavior, however the company has actually not reacted to our queries. Well be sure to let you know if and when they do answer. In the meantime, I seriously hope its an error of some kind, due to the fact that it would suck if Google took away our ability to determine this.

” Screen” was still there in Battery use for DP2/3 (left) and displayed screen-on time when tapped (middle), but its gone in Beta 1 (right).
On Android 11, screen-on time was noted in Settings -> > Battery under “screen use given that full charge.” That was eliminated when the “silky home” redesign presented in Android 12 DP3. It was still revealed in the Screen section for battery use sources (Settings -> > Battery -> > View battery use) when “show full device use” was made it possible for via the three-dot menu. Or, a minimum of it was up until Beta 1. Now, its gone there too.

We dont know if its a long-term modification or not (Google will not tell us), however one tweak in Android 12 has us decidedly upset for the upgrade. It might just be a bug, however right now, you cant see your so-called “screen-on time” in the Battery section of Settings on Android 12 Beta 1.

If youre unknown with the term, so-called “screen-on time” or SoT is a typical (but highly anecdotal) metric for measuring and comparing battery life. Standby time doesnt really matter for many of us past a couple of days; its time spent while being actively utilized that is essential. Ergo, Screen-on time: Its time the phone invested with its screen powered on. That was removed when the “silky house” redesign rolled out in Android 12 DP3.

Left: Screen-on time in “Battery” in Android 11. : Nada in Android 12 Beta 1.
Standby time doesnt actually matter for most of us past a few days; its time invested while being actively used that is essential. Ergo, Screen-on time: Its time the phone invested with its screen powered on.

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