Samsung’s new 870 Evo SSD brings faster speeds, lower prices – The Verge1 min read

The 870 Evo will be readily available in 250GB for $49.99, 500GB for $79.99, 1TB for $139.99, 2TB for $269.99, and 4TB for $529.99. Those numbers go to reveal simply just how much costs have dropped in the 2 years since the 860 was launched: in 2018, the 250GB model started at $94.99 and the 4TB design cost $1,399.99 (although, obviously, they choose much more affordable in 2021).

Samsungs 860 SSD has actually been one of the requirements for PC parts considering that it was released in 2018. Now, the company is revealing its follower, the 870 Evo, its most current SATA SSD designed for customer usage that brings quicker speeds and lower costs.
The new drive is obviously so fast that it can in fact reach the maximum possible speed for sequential read and compose on a SATA drive, with 560MB/s checked out and 530MB/s write speeds. The brand-new model likewise represents a good improvement compared to the 860 Evo, with Samsung appealing roughly 38 percent much better random read speeds and a 30 percent improvement in sustained efficiency. The 870 Evo likewise features a five-year guarantee, which is great to see.

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