Samsungs leaked concept videos may show its vision for AR glasses – Engadget1 min read

Apples reported AR and VR wearables may have some fresh competition. 9to5Google has actually discovered that widely known leaker WalkingCat shared a set of videos that apparently represent Samsungs conceptual vision for enhanced reality glasses.
A “Next Wearable Computing” video, on the other hand, visualizes how AR glasses might help with work. An AR office would help get things done, of course, however you might also have holographic calls where individuals have an existence in the space. AR simulations would even let you check out a digital space (say, a space design) as if you existed.
Its not certain how close any of this may be to truth. The Glasses Lite are more practical than the Next Wearable Computing principle, however even they appear to represent more of what Samsung wishes to do than a model of a genuine job. As it stands, some of this reflect the goals for products like Microsofts HoloLens. The distinction, as you might think, is that Samsung would ditch bulky headsets in favor of streamlined glasses.
There is a reward to explore these items even if theyre years away from reaching customers. AR is thought about among the next technological frontiers, and companies like Apple and Microsoft have been putting massive resources into making the format feasible. If Samsung doesnt check out the classification, it runs the risk of being left behind if and when AR takes off.

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